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have a limited durability and may need replacement over time

may require lifelong medication

may cause infections and thrombosis

do not grow or regenerate

Currently used prosthetic materials

The Problem

Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide (17.9 million deaths per year).

Millions of patients receive implants every year to replace the diseased or malformed cardiovascular tissue in order to prevent death. 

The diseased tissues are currently replaced with synthetic or animal derived materials which lack the fundamental properties of the patients own living tissues.

Award winning bio-engineering platform

LifeMatrix has developed a unique bio-engineering technology platform to grow human replacement tissues in the laboratory.

The patented LifeMatrix tissues can be manufactured in a wide range of applications such as heart valves, blood vessels and other cardiovascular structures.

When implanted, the patient’s own cells will vitalize and transform the LifeMatrix tissue into living heart valves and blood vessels which have the capacity to grow and regenerate with the patient and to overcome the significant limitations of existing implants. 

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